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Welcome to The Performance Plate!

A Surrey dietitian aiming to provide practical, tailored and evidence-based sports nutrition advice for EVERYONE! Let's get started!


The Performance Plate have substantial experience providing nutritional support and expertise to a wide range of athletes, coaches and parents etc.

Get in touch!

Maximise performance

Promote sustainable and effective dietary changes to promote physical adaption through considering nutritional goals, food preferences, gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, food choices  and timings to optimise performance. 


By promoting a suitable and effective recovery athletes are likely to reduce days lost to illness and risk of injury. 

Nutritional Education

Through individual 1:1 and group talks/presentations I aim to provide create sustainable and effective dietary changes to increase overall knowledge of individual nutrition to allow athletes to adapt nutrition to meet training demands. 

Meet Jane (The Founder)


Jane is an accredited freelance sports dietitian and founder of the performance plate. She has developed substantial experience in providing nutritional support and expertise to athletes, coaches, parents and clubs to maximise individual and team performance and recovery. Jane has had various roles within CrossFit gyms, sports clubs, the NHS and university teams and has worked alongside numerous athletes from various sporting disciplines, competitive levels and age groups. Consequently, Jane can effectively translate nutritional evidence-based science into practical and tailored dietary advice to support performance outcomes whilst considering personal preferences, training and competition load, nutritional goals and medical conditions.  

Accredited member of:


  • British Dietetic Association (BDA)

  • Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

  • Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr)



  • Distinction MSc Sports Nutrition and Exercise 

  • First Class honours Human Nutrition and Dietetics




"I really like that she never tried to change too much of my diet or routine and always worked around my own eating and training schedule. Very personable girl and easy to work with." 

Sam O'Connor - Irish International Hockey Player

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