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My Story

From a young age food, nutrition, sport and the desire to help others have always played a huge part in my life from growing up on a farm to working for the NHS. I have always had a passion for sport and an admiration for the capabilities, skills and physical adaption that athletes adapt to maximise their potential within their discipline. 


Following my First Class (Hons) BSc degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, I pursued a career in dietetics within NHS. This has provided me with the skills and capabilities to optimise nutrition within a clinical setting including those individuals requiring weight management, irritable bowel syndrome, nutrition support and various additional clinical conditions. 


However, to incorporate my love for sport I returned to university to complete an MSc in Sports nutrition and exercise, enhancing my competency to implement evidence-based research to maximise athlete performance. As a sports dietitian, I have the ability to interpret individual biochemistry, anthropometrics, clinical/medical conditions, nutritional intake and physical activity level or sporting discipline and translate this information into simple dietary changes. Through my passion for sports nutrition and dietetics, I aim to empower athletes with evidence-based nutritional knowledge to optimise performance and maximise recovery.

  • Maximise performance and recovery by optimising nutritional intake

  • Reduce days lost to illness 

  • Minimise risk of nutritional deficiencies 

  • Minimise of risk of injuries 

  • Optimal physical adaption (weight gain/loss/ muscle gain/adaptation) 

  • Minimise gastrointestinal disturbance during competition

  • Optimise timings of nutritional intake for training/ competitions 

  • Improve overall knowledge of individual nutrition to allow athletes to adapt nutrition to meet training demands 

  • Create sustainable and effective dietary changes 

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