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The Premium Performance Package explained!

Irrespective if you are a recreational or Olympic athlete, everyone can use nutrition to optimise performance and support recovery.

The performance package is a 3-month personalised nutrition package which aims to maximise your performance and increase your knowledge and understanding regarding specific nutritional principles for your goals, sport and food preferences.

The Premium Performance Package provides

· An initial (45-60mins) and 2 reviews (30-40mins) assessments with support remotely over the 3-month period.

· Personalised sports nutrition to support competition ( e.g. recovery, away day, competition day vs rest day)

· Nutritional analyses ( as applicable)

· Body composition (only in person)

· Consideration of specific medical conditions e.g. intolerances and allergies

· Tailored goals to support dietary change

· Support the development and understanding of your nutrition knowledge to allow you the flexibility to adjust your nutrition to support changes in sporting demands.

· Infographics to support understanding

What to expect;

Step 1: An initial 15-minute call to discuss any questions you might have and to explain the next steps if you wish to proceed.

Step 2: Following confirmation, you wish to work together I will ask you to complete 4 forms which include;

1. A pre-intervention questionnaire ( obtaining information regarding training schedule, past medical history, supplementation etc)

2. Consent form

3. Allergy form

4. To complete a 4 day diet history based on your typical eating pattern

During the initial session (either in person or online), we would discuss the information provided in the forms, take baseline measurements ( as appropriate e.g. weight, waist and/or skin fold), and discuss any barriers which may impact your success and set sustainable, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals.

Within 7 working days of the session, a summary of the information discussed and goals will be sent. Following this, there will be an option for a 10-15 call or WhatsApp message 1-2 weeks post initial session to check you are happy and confident to implement the goals negotiated.

Review session:

A review will be scheduled depending on the athlete’s goals/competition schedule but generally, it is recommended 4-6 weeks following the initial assessment. During this assessment, we would review goals set, progress made and adjust goals/ aims accordingly. Following the assessment, any further information required will be sent.

In between the sessions, there is an option to catch up via email/ WhatsApp.

Final review:

The final review will be scheduled approximately 3 months from the initial session depending on the athlete’s goals/competition schedule. During this assessment, we would review goals set, progress made since the initial assessment and consider if any further goals are required. After the session, I will send an evaluation form and ask you to review the service.

If you are interested and wish to get in touch please do not hesitate to contact via email or send a message via the website.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jane x


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